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Contactless payment with All The Sevens

| All The Sevens

All the Sevens Taxi’s now have contactless card terminals so no more waiting around sorting out payment, simply tap and go! Gone are the days of searching for your wallet. The wasted moments finding the right card!

Whenever you’re in Salisbury you don’t need to carry cash for your taxi fare, you can pay using any Major Debit or Credit Card, in the cab, at no extra charge, in a second!

You can also pay with a tap of your contactless card, a quick swipe using Apple Pay or with chip & pin for journeys over £30. All methods are at no extra charge! Journeys over £30 the Chip & Pin method can be used.

Contactless payments are fully protected by your bank. You can find out more about Contactless payments on the UK Card Association Website.

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