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Look out for our new-look taxis

| Gary Tayor

Next time you are set to climb into your All the sevens taxi, you may be one of the first to spot our new-look logo and livery.

It’s been more than six years since we last updated our brand and here’s our Facebook photo from 23rd April 2015 marking the occasion!

We’ve added all sorts of extra features lately. Our customers now have access to our new app, contactless card readers, Apple pay and a new hi-tech booking system at our Salisbury HQ. It seems like the ideal time to mark our progress with a fresh new logo.

With a fleet of over 50 taxis doing over 10,000 journeys every month, changing the logo on all of them at once would mean taking them all off the road. Not a great idea! With that in mind we’ll be swapping the logo over a few vehicles at a time, so for a while, you can expect to see both versions when out and about. We’ve already had lots of great comments from customers, we hope you like our new look too.

To book a taxi download our app onto your phone or tablet, book online or call us on 01722 777777.