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Salisbury and the surrounding area is blessed with beautiful and historic sights and treasures. With the world heritage site of Stonehenge and its new visitor centre only 9 miles from Salisbury we can offer a range of services from a simple taxi journey to a bespoke taxi tour.

The jewel in the crown, which is a must see for visitors, is Salisbury Cathedral which has the highest spire in the UK as well as the best-preserved copy of the Magna Carta. Other places of interest include the Iron Age Fort at Old Sarum, historic Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. Amesbury and Avebury both have local history attractions that can be enjoyed at your own pace with informative and knowledgeable drivers to show you the way.

Visiting a local event? Avoid problem parking and enjoy a tipple at the bar by booking a taxi with All the Sevens. For a full run down of all the events you might like to visit read our events page.

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