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Security - All our drivers have enhanced Disclosure Barring Service checks (DBS) so our passengers can feel secure in their journey whether it is daytime or at night.

Gary Taylor (38)

Owner of All the Sevens

When taxi driver Gary Taylor decided to use his ten years' experience working for other companies and launch his own business he vowed he would make customer service his driving force.

Gary is determined that things would be different at All the Sevens taxi service in Salisbury so he makes sure his drivers are content, that way the customers would be too.

Gary is very focused on customer service and the customer experience and believes strongly in training for all his drivers. He operates a fair system for drivers which they respect and repay by ensuring that every person’s journey is efficient and comfortable.

The company’s own figures prove it is working. When he launched All the Sevens last April it took 40 phone calls in the first week, by December it had increased to 5,000 calls per month.

Neil Taylor (36)

Married with five children

Neil has been working as a taxi driver for 7 years and been with All the Sevens about six months. Neil enjoys working with All the Sevens because he loves meeting people, enjoys the flexibility and has great communication skills with customers. Neil says: ‘It really is important to gauge whether or not a customer wants to speak, there’s nothing more annoying than being forced to talk when you just want to get to your destination quietly and quickly’ He is definitely not adverse to a good chat though when the customer feels like it. ‘People are interesting and have some great stories to tell’ he adds.

He also has extremely high standards for his car, he doesn’t allow eating, drinking or smoking which is reasonable as customers do not want to travel in a messy car.

Dave Grant (53)

3 Children

Dave has been a taxi driver for 16 years and started with All the Sevens eight months ago when it launched. He enjoys driving and meeting people and says ‘All the Sevens is a great company to work for, there is a very fair system for drivers and a fantastic team of drivers’. He particularly likes airport jobs and meets all sorts of people on his travels.

Terry Brown (43)

2 Children and 4 Grandchildren

Terry has been with All the Sevens for about six weeks and thinks that it is the fairest and best taxi company in Salisbury. He was previously an independent driver working from the station. He says: ‘All the Sevens is great to work for because they are efficient and when you are given a job you have plenty of notice and time to get there’. This is good news for customers as it means they do not have to wait for their taxi as it is always on time. ‘There’s a great team spirit here and a lovely bunch of people’ he adds. Terry enjoys working with the tourists and can recall some great stories from them. He has also had many famous people in his cab including Kate Winslett, Alan Rickman, Delboy and Rodney.

Del Ackland (54)

Married with 1 Child

Del has been a taxi driver for 10 years and started with All the Sevens when it started eight months ago. He likes the system employed by this company and believes it is a very fair one as you only pay for the journeys that you do. He was originally only going to do the job for six months but loves being his own boss and the flexibility. Del believes that giving the customer a good experience makes them carry on using you and that is one of the best things about this company.

Paul Duffield (43)


Paul used to be a newspaper distributor and previously worked for another Salisbury cab company. He made the change to All the Sevens because of the very fair that it operates. He can recount many funny stories with customers most of which are not for printing. He takes great pride in his car and will not allow eating and drinking in it for the very obvious reasons.

Linda Cormack (61)


Linda is the only female driver with All the Sevens at the moment and has been driving taxis for 27 years as an independent. She joined All the Sevens because of the great team spirit, the excellent leadership and the security of being in a team group. She is a very good judge of people and never feels uncomfortable with any of her passengers. If a difficult situation arises she is adept at diffusing it before it escalate. She loves talking to customers and always sees the funny side of situations.

She says: I love this job, the customers, the flexibility and being in charge of my own time. I trained as a florist before I came into the taxi business, but I wouldn’t go back to it because I enjoy what I do now’

Stuart Parker


Stuart has been a taxi driver for 4 years and until he joined All the Sevens when it opened worked for another cab company in Salisbury. He loves the fact that no two days are ever the same and there is something new every day. He says: ‘I believe in delivering good customer services to all my passengers because that means that the business will keep coming in’. He recalls a job one day when he took his passenger’s shopping home only and she got the bus because she had a big pushchair. ‘Whatever the customer wants that’s what I believe’ he says.

Clive Bryant (51)

1 Daughter

Clive is in his sixth year as a taxi driver and used to work for another cab company in Salisbury. He believes the difference between All the Sevens and other cab companies is the better company system which is very fair. He says: ‘We have a great team spirit here and I enjoy working with the lads, I believe we give a first class customer experience’


Sharon, Salisbury

Sharon, who lives in the heart of Salisbury, has been using All the Sevens taxis since it started and is absolutely delighted with the service. She says: “I am a disabled person and the care that they give me is second to none. I like to take my wheelie trolley with me and they are so helpful every time, nothing is too much trouble”

Sharon is more than impressed with the quality of the cars, they are always immaculate and she says that the drivers are so caring and helpful. She feels it is important in her situation to have trust in a taxi service and this is what All the Sevens are so good at. She said: “I would highly recommend this taxi company to anyone”

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