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All The Sevens goes contactless

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Taking a taxi in Salisbury no longer means making sure you’ve got money on you or stopping for cash. This is because All the Sevens taxi company now use contactless payment with credit and debit cards.

All the Sevens will be the first cab company in Salisbury to operate on this basis and it means more flexibility for their customers. Twenty of their drivers will operate contactless payment in the first instance.

Taxi journeys are often prolonged because they need to take a detour to the cash point, this will no longer be a problem with contactless payment.

In October last year, London cabbies went contactless following a directive from the Mayor of London. The Mayor wanted to make the people of London safer by ensuring that they could get a cab at any time, even if they didn’t have cash on them.

Now in Salisbury the same rule applies.

All the Sevens taxi company have always been forward thinking as a business and pride themselves in customer friendliness and providing a premier service, this is just another example of them putting their customers first.

Gary Taylor, owner of All the Sevens, says “We care about our customers and want to save them the hassle of getting to cash machines, we pride ourselves on our approach to customers, flexible, efficient and friendly”

For more information please contact Gary Taylor on 01722 777777


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