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The Sevens approach – trying to be different

| Gary Tayor

Why do taxi drivers need training?
What do you do when you see someone do something ridiculous on the road?
Sound your horn? Shake your fist?

Well – taxi drivers can’t do that and it’s my job to make sure our drivers behave in the best possible way all of the time, no matter what happens in front of them.

I have seen some extremely bad examples of safe driving and so have my drivers. It seems that cutting people up on a roundabout is quite common – many times drivers don’t indicate and make a snap decision at the last moment. As taxi drivers we don’t just drive for ourselves we have to try and anticipate what others might do.

Always keeping a cool head and a pragmatic attitude on the road. This is where good training comes in. Some people think that anyone can get in a cab and drive – it really isn’t that straightforward.

Every job should come with training so why would taxi drivers be exempt from this. The BTEC Level 2 qualification in taxi driving comprises nine modules which cover all aspects of professional taxi or private hire driving.

I am a firm believer that the best professionals have as much training as possible in order for them to stand out from the crowd. Being a trainer for the World Host customer service programme has made me a firm believer that customers do come back if they are treated respectfully, fairly and efficiently. I take every booking personally because customers are important to my business and its growth.

The BTEC qualification covers everything from driving standards, very important when you are dealing with people who do not take care on the road, customer services, the rules and regulations which set the boundaries for our profession.

What about health and safety? While we are transporting passengers anything could happen our drivers need to know that their cab is safe and what to do if anything unexpected happens. Driving conditions, wheelchair restraint all need attention and I make sure our drivers are adhering to these things.

At the end of the day it’s all about the passenger experience, the happier they are with their journey the more likely they are to come back and to tell people about us.

Gary Taylor – All the Sevens
Salisbury’s First Choice Taxi Service